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Q & A INTERVIEW WITH DR. RONNIE SOLAN re her book, The Enigma of Childhood (Karnac, 2015)

Praise for Preventable Tragedies

“Ruth Shidlo provides a cure for boredom with her third Israeli police procedural “plus” in this unique series starring the complex but captivating Detective Inspector Helen Mirkin. The “plus” refers to the fact that “Preventable Tragedies” is much more than a whodunit…”



Praise for Murder in the Choir

(1) From the reviewers on Amazon & Goodreads:


“Like an opera, Murder in the Choir is a tour de force of revenge, redemption, and, ultimately, the power of love.”

International Reader

“I enjoyed the quirky characters and couldn’t put the book down until the surprise ending.”


“A great read. Highly captivating. Couldn’t put it down. I loved the storyline and plotting, but don’t want to provide a spoiler. Awaiting the next book in this series. I recommend it highly.”

Michal Or

“I was drawn into the story from the beginning, and found it hard to put down. I wanted to learn more about the various characters and what makes them tick, and I loved the setting in the musical world.”

Susan Soprano

“I really enjoyed this book. As in the author’s last book, the characters were very real and believable, the descriptions helped me feel like I was right there inside of the story, and the plot, which was constantly surprising, was so fascinating that I couldn’t put the book down. I loved it and am waiting with bated breath for Ruth Shidlo’s next book to come out!”

(2) Online reviews and magazines

“a gripping, professionally written mystery.”

Esra Magazine (Carol Novis, September 2016)

“The book is hard to put down once you get drawn into the world of its gripping, colorful characters. Among other things, it makes you wonder how far you will go to achieve your dream, whatever it is, and how you might deal with the obstacles along the way.”

Praise for The Rosebush Murders

(1) From the reviewers on Amazon & Goodreads:

International Reader

I loved reading this psychological thriller … You get a sense that you’re getting to know the characters. A couple of them I would actually enjoy meeting over a beer.”

Edith M.

This is an engaging book. I couldn’t stop reading and wished the story to go on. I even admit to somewhat regretting the precipitate end. More than the thriller per se, with its sci-fi element, I loved the portraying of characters and the lyric descriptions of nature.

Dr. Sonia Mucznik

Written in a breath-holding style, this murder novel is ingenious and well written. It kept me reading on and on, without wanting to put the book down.

Susan Soprano

This was a really good read. I enjoyed the writer’s rich language and astute insights into human nature. The characters were very believable, the descriptions vivid, and the book’s plot so interesting that I could not put it down. Bravo!


This book had me hooked. I loved it start to finish.

Raymond Mathiesen

…  a fine police murder mystery. While not quite of the `hard boiled’ style, this book is a no-nonsense account of a classic crime investigation case. There is no histrionics here, but we follow the plot with interest as Shidlo step by step reveals the mystery of the murders. At the same time Shidlo reveals to us bit by bit exactly who her character Helen Mirkin is. Even more Shidlo digs into some of the questions of life that fascinate us all.

Jonathan Siegel

A page-turner of a debut novel for this writer…I enjoyed it thoroughly in two sittings.


It is always interesting to see the type of mysteries written by foreign authors. Thus far, my experience with Israeli authors have focused on Sephardic vs Ashkenazi issues, Israeli and Palestinian so this time, a woman appears on the scene. I don’t want to include any spoilers. I thought it was an interesting twist in the story.

Traveling man

I had so much fun meeting Jerusalem detective, Helen Mirkin. She is a terrific, no-nonsense investigator who gets right to the heart of the mysterious goings on at a major Jerusalem hospital. This book is fast paced and filled with an array of interesting characters. I don’t want to spoil the plot but the book is all the more intriguing for those of us who are interested in assisted reproduction and bio-ethics. And it offers a delightful tour of Jerusalem stopping at some of my favorite neighborhoods. I hope that Dr. Shidlo will follow this engaging first novel with more Helen Mirkin mysteries–and that they will come soon!

Ronnie Solan

Author, The Enigma of Childhood. The Profound Impact of the First Years of Life on Adults as Couples and Parents. (Karnac, 2015).

I found the reading of the novel, The Rosebush Murders, fascinating and couldn’t stop reading. I was very impressed with how the author, Ruth Shidlo, managed to combine the childhood memories of the detective with her qualities of investigation, while respecting the otherness of her “client”, and dealing with problems of fertility and pregnancy, all in such a way that the reader is attracted to read more and more about the case and the book’s underlying themes.

(2) Facebook Fans

I just finished The Rosebush Murders. Thank you, Ruth Shidlo for writing a book with a great plot, and treating being lesbian as just part of the world. I really liked the way you treated the romance part as a developing healthy relationship that will take time to evolve and see what happens. Just bought your other book and can’t wait to read. Please keep writing! I’m your newest fan.

(3) Magazines


Kings River Lite (Kathleen Costa, September 2016)

The writing is engaging, characters real, events plausible, and the “Oh, no…” at the end left me wanting to pick up the next installment immediately.

 Na’amat Magazine (Judith A. Sokoloff, October 2014)

Mirkin is an engaging character …

 Hadassah Magazine (Zelda Shluker, July 2013)

… Her Jerusalem-based Detective Inspector Helen Mirkin is a cultured woman—her avocation is music, she sings in a choir and appreciates art. She is also outspoken about her likes and dislikes …  the road there [to conclusion] is lively …


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