The Blog

Dear Reader,

From now on, I will be blogging every once in a while, in the hopes of providing you with a good reason to revisit my site and keep in touch.

Topics will address aspects of writing with which I have grappled, what it’s like to live in Israel during these turbulent times while needing to deal with a constantly changing (and quite worrisome) Middle East, and other issues that I hope you will find of interest.

As a writer who has just published her first novel, I look forward to your comments  and constructive feedback (please post or use contact form).


Our ragdoll is sleeping on top of my laptop as I write, our parrot busy chirping away and trying to get me to variously talk/whistle/sing to her. She is quite persistent and often noisy, as Sun Conures tend to be.

It is exciting to have The Rosebush Murders finally out there. When I first started out, I had no idea it was so complicated to write a novel and get it published. Meanwhile, I definitely have a few more gray hairs to show for it. It’s been challenging and yes, at times frustrating,  as the writers among you will know first-hand, but also and mostly FUN. I enjoy making up stories and having my characters lead me on serendipitous paths. I also like researching things, whether online or out there in the world.

Although I haven’t participated in a play since my youth, I suspect that writing is a bit like acting, in the sense that both writer and actor tend to tap into different aspects of their personality when role-playing/acting different characters or writing from varying points-of-view (which may or may not coincide with their own).

To be continued….

Ruth Shidlo