Coming Up for Air

Dear Reader,

It’s been a while, as I have been busy editing someone else’s book – a fellow psychologist’s. Having edited my own drafts (e.g., novels, comment pieces and professional articles) and put in my two cents’ worth when invited re: the occasional professional article, book or master’s thesis, it has been a new and very rewarding experience. I LOVE editing, especially when the material is intellectually stimulating and fun to work with, leaving room for one’s own creative processes and critical mind to come into play. I am constantly amazed at how merely changing a word or perhaps a sequence in a paragraph immediately leads to other questions and/or associations. (The writers among you, try changing a noun to a verb and see what happens).

That said, I am now working on completing my next three novels (yes, you read that right!), each occupying a world of its own and being at a different stage of its evolution. It’s a bit like cooking a three-course meal. The young adult novel, which I have decided to rewrite rather than publish as initially slated, is by far the most challenging, and probably will take longest: My apologies to those of you who were waiting for it this past Christmas, although I hope it is for the better.

Meanwhile, holiday greetings, whether Passover or Easter.